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A Closer

A Closer Look Inside

From the solid oak cabinets to the double floor system, quality is one of the hallmarks of our Cottages. Our Cottages are versatile too, the spacious living area can be designed to be big enough for a family retreat combined with a dining area.

Nature’s inspiration will act as a muse, giving you ideas for designs that will transform your dreams into a reality. The Chalet is truly an inspiration both inside and out.

There’s more than meets the eye when designing a Wisconsin Homes Ranch. We offer true custom layouts that are multi-dimensional, breaking the mold from the typical rectangular image.

The Colonial incorporates a mix of historic design elements adapted for contemporary lifestyles. It’s an enduring look that has an abundance of space and beauty.

When you walk through the front door of a Cape Cod, a large open foyer welcomes you into a space that accents any lifestyle and immediately gives you the feeling of conservative elegance. Our Cape Cod gives you the right mix of tradition blended with modern architecture.